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Guide to Switching Broadband Providers

There are so many great broadband packages on the market that it may be worth your while switching providers in order to get a better deal. You may want to change to get faster speeds or your broadband provider may not live up to your expectations; if so then Top 10 Broadband aim to see you through the switching process as pain-free as possible avoiding any of the pit falls along the way.

Here is our Top 10 Guide to switching providers:

1) Check your Contract.

Have a look at the small print of your contract. If you are still within your 12 or 18 month contract then check out what the cancellation charges are - it may not be worth your while changing supplier.

2) Find The Best Deal

Switching to a new provider gives you an opportunity to find a great package that may save you money, get you faster speeds, greater download limits and a better service. Top 10 Broadband has made it easy for you to compare all the latest deals – click here to check out our comparison table.

3) Switching Because Of Price?

This is a very competitive market so your current provider won’t want to lose your custom very easily. Tell them what deal you have found, you never know what they might offer you and it could save you the hassle of switching over to a new provider.

4) Ready to Switch?

You will need to speak to your current provider to get hold of your MAC number. The Migrations Authorisation Code (‘MAC’) is used for most customer switches between broadband connections, and allows customers to move faultlessly from one broadband service provider to another with little interruption in service. This code should be provided to you within five working days.

* MACs are only effective between providers using BT exchanges such as Plus Net, Madasafish and BT Total Broadband. If you are switching from a provider who uses a LLU (local Loop Unbundling) then it is best to check with them on what is the correct procedure.

5) Speak To Your Gaining Provider

Present your MAC to the provider you wish to switch to. Your new provider will then process the request and they will inform you of a transfer date. Check with your new provider whether there will be any downtime or loss of service during the transfer period.

6) Cancel Your Old Account

Once you are connected to your new provider then cancel your contract with your old provider ensuring that no further payments are taken from your account.

7) Switching From Cable to ADSL

You will need to have a BT phone line if you want to change over to ADSL. If you haven’t already got one then you may have to contact BT and arrange for them to come and install a line. Once this is all set up then get a termination date from your existing supplier then speak to your new provider and arrange a connection date in order for you to avoid any loss of service.

8) Switching From ADSL to Cable

Because ADSL and cable are completely separate technologies, you can cancel one and sign up to another. The cable company you are signing up with will provide you with everything you need. To avoid downtime, cancel your ADSL after your cable has been activated.

9) How Long Will My Switch Take?

It can take between 1 – 4 weeks, depending on what service you are switching from and to.

10) Having Problems?

If you are experiencing difficulties with switching from your old broadband provider and feel you are being unfairly treated then you can get in touch with Ofcom. (Ofcom is the regulator for the UK communications industries, with responsibilities across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services).